Slow Feed Dog Bowls and Food Puzzle Toys

By Rachele Baker, DVM – If your dog needs to lose weight, one thing that may help is to slow down the pace at which he or she eats. This can be done by using specially designed bowls that keep dogs from devouring their meals too quickly. Eating more slowly may help your dog to feel full even though he or she may be consuming a smaller amount of food.

You can also offer a portion of the day’s food in a food puzzle toy that dispenses food in small amounts while keeping your dog entertained.

I have carefully researched slow feed dog bowls and food puzzle toys and have chosen a select few to feature on my website.

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slow Feed Interactive Dog Bowls
Fun Feeder Slow Feed Dog Bowls

Fun Feeder Slow Feed Dog Bowl

Over 3,000 5-Star reviews on Amazon! These Fun Feeders feature ridges and valleys that make mealtime last longer. The Fun Feeder lets dogs chase their food through a maze of ridges and valleys. The large size holds up to four cups of dry dog food and the small size holds up to two cups. Each bowl features non-slip rubber molding to prevent sliding.

Available in teal, purple, and orange.

Sizes Small or Large

OurPets Premium DuraPet Slow Feed Dog Bowls
Domed Slow Feed Dog Bowls

Domed Slow Feed Dog Bowl

The dome in the middle of this bowl keeps food to the sides of the bowl so your dog cannot take huge gulps. This bowl slows down eating for dogs that eat their food or drink their water too fast. Can be used for food or water. Durapet Bowls are made of heavy duty stainless steel with a permanently molded rubber ring on the base that prevents the bowl from sliding.

Sizes Small, Medium, or Large

Our Pets Smarter Interactive IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy
IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy

IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy

Over 2,000 5-Star Amazon reviews! Fill the ball with treats or kibble, set your desired difficulty level using the ball’s adjustable interior insert, and let your dog roll the ball across the floor to try to release the food inside.

Available in 3 inch and 4 inch sizes

 Kong Classic Dog Toy
Siberian Husky With A Kong Dog Toy

Siberian Husky With A Kong Dog Toy

Over 2,000 5-Star Amazon reviews! Kong dog toys are hollow in the center so they can be filled with kibble. These puncture resistant, natural rubber, dog toys are durable and fun for your dog. Kong dog toys are an excellent alternative to a traditional food bowl since they extend feeding time and prevent unhealthy gulping of large amounts of food. Dogs quickly learn that motion causes the kibble to fall out but the unpredictable movement keeps the toy challenging.

Available in six sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL