Parvovirus: The Fight To Save A Puppy Named Bitsy

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14 Responses

  1. Cara says:

    Sad article with a great outcome!! Thank you.

  2. I am glad you enjoyed my post, Cara. I love happy endings too.

  3. Ali Isaac says:

    What a lovely story… I am so glad you were able to save little Bitsy, Rachele. It must be such a lovely part of your job, well done. I did not know that parvovirus could be so serious in animals.

  4. Thank you, Ali. Parvovirus is a deadly disease which can be easily prevented by making sure that puppies get all of their puppy vaccinations in a timely manner starting at 8 weeks of age. I am very happy that I was able to save Bitsy.

  5. Daniella (Dee) Latham says:

    Thank you for sharing your story Dr. Baker. It shows how critical vaccinations are and the need to find out your pet’s medical history.

  6. You’re right, Dee. Vaccinations protect our pets from serious diseases, so it is very important to make sure that our pets get all of their vaccinations.

  7. Jeanne says:

    I love stories that end well! So glad you saved Bitsy! Years ago, we adopted a beautiful Vizsla puppy about 6 or 7 months old from the shelter. Within a week she was deathly ill with parvo, bad enough that I said my goodbyes and was totally devastated. She too was lucky enough to have a great vet to save her life, as Bitsy was lucky to have you..thank you for being there for these animals! This story reminded me of my dog Heather.

  8. Thank you, Jeanne, for your kind words and for sharing your story about your puppy.

  9. Elaine says:

    So many puppies succumb to parvovirus, it’s got to be an amazing feeling to save a life. I think I would have cried for joy when Bitsy started chewing on those IV tubes. Great job, Rachele and a good reminder to get those puppy vaccinations. Thanks for sharing Bitsy’s story.

  10. Thank you, Elaine. It certainly made me, my staff, and Bitsy’s dad happy to see Bitsy acting like a normal healthy puppy again.

  11. Parvo is sooo very sad! As a former shelter worker- I remember how absolutely devastating it was when we received a litter of puppies with parvo. Thanks for sharing Bitsy’s story!

  12. I’m glad you enjoyed Bitsy’s story, Kaitlin. Thanks for sharing your experience with parvo working in a shelter.

  13. I’m glad you were able to help this puppy. Many years ago I rescued a puppy who was wandering on the street and two days later he came down with Parvo. My husband and I waited 24 nerve wrecking hours to hear the outcome from our veterinarian. Little Harry pulled through, but had some residual effects that lasted throughout his life. He was a great dog!

  14. Thanks for sharing your experience with your dog Harry, Sharon. I’m glad that he pulled through and got to enjoy life with a loving family.