Dr. Rachele Baker Bio

Dr. Rachele Baker

By Rachele Baker, DVM – I am a veterinarian, an author, and of course, a pet lover. I live in the beautiful state of California with my sassy Maine Coon cat named Chessie. I have been working as a veterinarian caring for dogs and cats since 2001. In my free time, I enjoy exploring California including historic estates on Lake Tahoe, northern California wineries, and cute small towns and shops. I also enjoy hiking and spending time near the ocean. 

I recently wrote and published a book titled Dog Health Care: 7 Simple Ways To Keep Your Dog Healthy. You can get the answers to your questions about dog nutrition, weight management, fleas and ticks, and more in my book. It is available on Amazon in e-book and paperback.

Now I am in the process of writing a murder mystery set in Lake Tahoe. The working title of my book is Murder At Lake Tahoe. The main character is Rylie Sunderland, a 35-year-old veterinarian, with her loving apricot-colored golden retriever Bella. Stay tuned for updates!

Dog Health Care: 7 Simple Ways To Keep Your Dog Healthy by Rachele Baker, DVM