Dog Treats Recipe: Turkey Pumpkin Apple Dog Treats

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  1. boncst2943gmailcom says:

    Hi Rachele. I’ve always heard that turkey is bad for dogs. Yet I see it all the time in recipes for our pups. What is the truth?

  2. I researched your question on the Veterinary Information Network (VIN – an online community of veterinarians). According to several board certified veterinary nutritionists on the Veterinary Information Network, there is nothing inherently wrong with feeding turkey to dogs. Problems may arise, however, if you feed dogs raw turkey (due to the possibility of bacterial contamination) or turkey with attached skin (since skin is high in fat) or cooked turkey that has been seasoned with spices (garlic and onion, for example, are toxic to dogs). The ground turkey that I used in my Turkey Pumpkin Apple Dog Treats was 93% lean, and I cooked it thoroughly before adding it to the recipe.

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