The Best Nutrition For Dogs and Puppies | Choosing The Best Dog Food For Your Dog

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12 Responses

  1. If more pet parents read food labels and really understood what they are feeding their pets, we’d have far fewer sick animals.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, M.K. The food that we feed our dogs is very important to their health. I hope to be able to help a lot of pet parents learn more about the best nutrition for their dogs in my new book Dog Health Care: 7 Simple Ways To Keep Your Dog Healthy. I hope that you read my book, too, M.K.!

  3. Ali Isaac says:

    Very interesting excerpt, Rachele. I feed Indi a commercially prepared raw food diet, which includes all the vegetables, minerals and vitamins you mentioned. Since we changed from dry foods, which he hated, he is more healthy and energetic, drinks less, no longer has foul smelling wind, and has lost a bit of weight, so he is right in the middle of that weight chart you gave us a while ago, and of course now he loves meal-time, and can’t wait for his dinner! Happy healthy pet, happy pet parent!

  4. Thanks for sharing, Ali.

  5. Emmadog says:

    Food is important and for most all the choices make it very tough to find the right food. We are happy with our food, which is high quality, and our treats are also high value natural treats. I love how my dogs snub the “junk food treats” when they get one, and refuse to even eat it. Dog food has come a long way and blogging has helped us narrow down the best foods for us.

  6. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Emmadog.

  7. Great information and written to read and absorb. If the goal is not to preach to the choir you’ve written something accessible to people who may be curious, but want material that they can access and use now.

  8. Thanks, Sheltie Times.

  9. Lynda Fisher says:

    Sad to cause a life long deformity and pain for a dog just to prove a point. Animal cruelty. What’s the difference between that and using animals to test products. This is terribly upsetting.

  10. Hi Lynda. I totally understand your point. I looked up the reference for this study in the book Small Animal Clinical Nutrition, 5th edition, where I found this photo. The study on proper levels of calcium to feed large breed puppies was performed in the Netherlands in 1985.

    I do not know the circumstances surrounding the study, or their level of knowledge at that time. I was unable to find the original journal article online. It may be that they did not know what the results of feeding different calcium levels to large breed puppies would be, and that they fed the puppies different levels of calcium in order to determine what the best level of calcium would be to feed large breed puppies. I just don’t know because I could not find the original journal article online.

    I am sorry this upset you. I included the information about the importance of feeding Large Breed Puppy food to large breed puppies so that owners of large breed puppies would understand why they should feed Large Breed Puppy food to their puppies.

    As a veterinarian, I always ask new puppy owners what they are feeding their puppies. And so many owners of large breed puppies are feeding their puppies regular puppy food or other foods which could be detrimental to their puppies’ growth and development.

    This is an important subject that needs to be addressed. I hope you understand why I have included this information in my book. My book is not illustrated, but it does include this important information. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

  11. Cathy Armato says:

    Congratulations on your book!! Thanks for sharing this helpful information, pet food ingredients can be so confusing.